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The Definitive Guide

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My Story

Adam Dias is a second generation, redwood burl artist. His father, wood-working artist John Dias from Humboldt County, California, taught Adam to find the inner beauty and artistic quality of wood from the early age of five. 


Dias has made a livelihood as a professional wood working artist in the redwood burl business for nearly 30 years, bringing out the innermost qualities of the wood through hard work and dedication. He has sold thousands of products throughout almost every continent in the world, and was a featured artist at Muir Woods National Monument in Mill Valley, California. Among other accomplishments, one of his bowls was presented to the Empress of Thailand as a gift from the president of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. 


Dias studied writing, literature, and the art of communication, among other things at College of the Redwoods. One writing instructor gave advice given to every new writer for centuries: write what you know. This put Dias on a path to documenting the history of the redwood burl industry, as well as answering questions asked of him from customers and admires of his work for over 20 years. After some five years of compiling information and documentation, Adam Dias has released his first book, Redwood Burl: The Definitive Guide. 

Enjoy a slide show of some cool old photos that didn't make it into the book!

Old Burl Photos
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